Shaping the Agile Organization

Your company is becoming more agile at every level. Your delivery teams are demonstrating improved quality and technical agility. Your multi-team groups are delivering more reliably and are better connected to your business and customers. Your portfolios are getting easier to manage and investments feel more like products. You can even feel the culture starting to shift.

Now what? How do you make the most of hard-won agility?
How do you ensure you don't lose the gains you've made? 

These questions aren't about "What's next for the agile transformation?" Instead, they are deeply strategic questions impacting your talent strategy, your long-term business roadmap, and your overall technology strategy. You need to ensure your agility fits your business, and that your entire enterprise is positioned to make use of the new speed, predictability, and responsiveness that agility offers. Meanwhile, you also need to ensure other functions are adapting to the new needs of an agile technology organization and aren't pulling you back to "business as usual".

You're not alone in facing these hard questions and big challenges. I've helped executives navigate every phase of agile transformation at every scale of enterprise from 500-person product companies to the Fortune 5. You need actionable, pragmatic advice incorporating both your company's unique position and patterns observed across dozens of companies adoption agility.

I offer 1:1 advisory services to senior executives like you because there's no training course, program, or toolkit that meets your needs and respects your time. We'll invest initial time in me understanding you, your context, your business environment, and your technology landscape so I can understand what's unique, and then I'm at your service as your executive agility advisor. We'll connect as needed by voice, video, text or email in service to you shaping the future of your agile business.

Every company is a
unique combination of common patterns.


Are you making the most of what makes you special?

About the program

You will engage directly with me in a 1:1 advisory relationship. I will invest time up front to learn about you, your company, your technology, and your leadership team so I can offer the best advice possible. From that point, we'll work together in whatever way best serves you and your schedule. 

We'll work together 1:1 via video, voice, text, or email as needed to support your agile goals. Some leaders choose to have a set weekly meeting while others prefer an "on-demand" relationship. Regardless, you'll receive priority scheduling of my time wherever you are in the world.

Who is it for?

This 1:1 relationship is exclusively available to executive leadership responsible for entire business or technology portfolios. Qualified leaders typically have a SVP or higher title and responsibility over groups of 500+ people (or the entire portfolio in smaller companies). I additionally invite the executive sponsors of enterprise transformations to engage in advisory relationships.

Are you a leader over groups adopting agile within a portfolio?  I encourage you to consider my Leading Effective Agile Change program instead. Learn more here.

Consultants and internal coaches are not invited to join this program. However, you may consider the self-directed version (anticipated Q2 2024) or my upcoming Inspired Agile Consulting program (anticipated Q4 2024)

Questions? Contact me.

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"Eric helped my leadership team focus on the agile transformation problems that matter, provided knowledge, understanding, and mindsets to start tackling those problems, supported me personally as a coach through significant organizational change, and planted seeds that will continue to bear fruit for years to come.

I recommend him for any executive navigating complex agile transformation challenges."

Brian King - CIO - T-Mobile USA

"... It is his ability to ask the right questions at the right times that has helped us to think more deeply and clearly about the outcomes and value we are creating. The conversations are often disarming in their frankness and the speed with which he helps us get to the heart of an issue. I would recommend Eric to anyone who wants to accelerate the delivery of value either personally, as a team, or as an organisation."

Nick Sullivan - GM Strategy, Kiwibank

What's in the box?

Our relationship includes:

  • 3 months on-demand advisory sessions up to 2 hours per week, including advance review of relevant materials where requested
  • Occasional small-group discussions and meeting observations (subject to overall time restriction above)
  • Priority text / WhatsApp / email advisory support throughout relationship 
  • Initial leadership team empathy interviews to learn your human landscape (Up to 10 interviews, 30 minutes each)
  • Initial deep-dive review of strategy, architecture, org chart, and agile operational design documents as needed to learn operational landscape.
  • Full support for reasonable NDAs
  • 1 year content membership: Access to full content library (excluding standalone paid courses)
  • 1 year community membership: Access to community spanning all cohorts
  • Access to the Leading Effective Agile Change curriculum content (Expected Q1 2024 alongside self-paced program availability)
  • Accumulating renewal discounts for long-term relationships

Specific exclusions include:

  • Independent meetings or discussion not including your personal attendance
  • Any sort of deliverables or independent assignments
  • Any assignment of IP or assets


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