Leading Effective Agile Change

Accelerated beta cohort - October 2023

I'm kicking off the first public cohort of my new Leading Effective Agile Change program in January 2023. Before doing so, I'm collecting feedback on the curriculum, validating the voice and tone meets the needs of director-level leaders, and testing the cohort dynamics. To accomplish these goals, I'm inviting a maximum of 8 leaders to join an accelerated cohort of the program.

I'm only inviting LACE leaders and iSPCTs for three reasons: I want to offer you the chance to experience the content and learn these valuable change lessons first, because you have strong empathy with the directors that are the ultimate audience for his material, and because it's really fun when a group of you gets together and lfrom each other.

We'll start in late October and collaborate to define a 13-week schedule that generally meets everybody's holiday schedules, wrapping up in February. You'll receive most of the benefits of the full program at a steeply discounted price, as outlined below.

Not interested in the beta experience? Check out the full program.

Test and learn?



What's in the box?

The Leading Effective Agile Change program is defined here. This page highlights the differences in the accelerated beta.

Your participation in the program includes:

  • 3 month mentoring program including 1:1 mentoring sessions and cohort-based learning sessions. (Reduced from 6 months, and excluding the pair & group review sessions each iteration)
  • 13 iterations of change leadership curriculum. (Schedule determined jointly with participants rather than published in advance)
  • 20+ contact hours with Eric (reduced from 40+)
  • 4+ hours of video content covering 50+ distinct agile leadership aha moments
  • 1+ year content membership: Access to full content library (excluding standalone paid courses) (Will be co-termed with first official cohort)
  • 1+ year community membership: Access to community spanning all cohorts (Will be co-termed with first official cohort)
  • Text / WhatsApp / email advisory support throughout the program duration (extra support will be offered when content proves deficient)

The sponsored growth variant of the program is not available for the beta.