Leading Effective Agile Change

Your company is full of leaders who already know your culture, your strategy, your purpose, and how to get things done across the company. What they lack is the agile knowledge required to drive the change... not the book knowledge easily gained through training, but the deep experience of what goes wrong and what to do about it.

The program distills a career of success, failures, and unexpected surprises into a six-month program focused on helping effective leaders take the next step into owning their group's journey to agility. You'll practice the habits needed to inspire, shape, and lead agile change while also learning to see and avoid the traps and pitfalls that can stop any agile adoption in its tracks.

This won't be theoretical, because there's no substitute for personal experience. We'll work together to make every experience more valuable, leading to an astounding amount of learning in just six-months.

Inspired agility requires change agents with the cultural fluency, agile experience, and organizational skills to challenge beliefs and inspire high-impact change.


Leaders like you are perfect to lead this journey!

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What do clients, thought leaders, and peers think about my coaching and mentoring? In their own words...

"Eric is a phenomenal coach and mentor. He demonstrates great command over the subject matter while introducing humor and fun to the sessions. He has the social awareness to read his audience and adjusts the content on the fly to meet their needs. As a mentor he has mastered the ability to ask questions and help guide the person to their own answer instead of giving an opinion right away"

Erin Adamaitis - Director IT Management, Agile Transformation Lead

"SAFe Fellow and Principal Contributor Eric Willeke is a true thought leader in his field. Eric has a truly fundamental understanding of the principles behind the various agile and lean methods and has a clear perspective on the difference between methodology and ideology. This frees him to apply his knowledge in most any enterprise or agile intellectual context."

Dean Leffingwell - Cofounder & Chief methodologist, Scaled Agile Inc

"... It is his ability to ask the right questions at the right times that has helped us to think more deeply and clearly about the outcomes and value we are creating. The conversations are often disarming in their frankness and the speed with which he helps us get to the heart of an issue. I would recommend Eric to anyone who wants to accelerate the delivery of value either personally, as a team, or as an organisation."

Nick Sullivan - GM Strategy, Kiwibank

"Eric is one of the most gifted consultants I've ever met, and has one of the clearest views of the qualities that every next-generation leader must *possess*. I recommend Eric without qualification for a small team or a large enterprise."

Gene Kim - Author, Researcher, and Speaker